This is some scary mess!

I happened upon this clip and I find it very disturbing. Though I do sometimes fear that I will one day get so tired of being single that I loose my mind and decide to marry Jesus, that’s not what disturbs me…

In addition to my wacky fears, I am also distressed over this because of the number the Apostle Paul (or the Pauline Scriptures) has done on the Black Church. We are so negative sometimes as a church that we’d rather focus on Paul’s hysteria-based theology than Jesus. Paul wrote in a time when he was just sure Jesus would be back in a few minutes. So at that point his extreme measures made sense. Don’t get married. And only get married if can’t control your sexual desires. It makes sense in his context. He’s saying let’s not screw it up before Jesus gets here. But my question is 2000 years later what the hell does any of this have to do with the body of a young girl? And what does it have to do with how we have come to understand marriage. Paul is saying don’t get married at all. And he’s saying to MEN only get married if you feel like your horniness will get in the way of your holiness. Therefore if people were following what Paul said, they wouldn’t have been looking for their soulmates. The men would basically be using women’s bodies to release the unholy. Sound crazy? That’s because it is…. in my humble opinion 😉 So why would you use this scripture in support of this girl choosing abstinence? This is the scary mess that makes me want to leave the church. I’m not anti-abstinence. But I do wonder why the church is so intent on being the regulators of women’s bodies. And I wonder why we insist upon using the sections of the bible that devalue the women’s body the most as support for the regulation and “holiness” of women’s bodies?


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  1. Okay so, from a legal standpoint, monogamy, celebacy (for women), those federally funded Chastity Balls and to a certain extent, female circumcision, all have to do with making sure men know who their legal heirs are. In the US legal system, its all wrapped up in property law, with women children and Black people historically starting out as property, and white men wanting to make sure they only pass their property on to their own (legally recognized) children and not the son of the milkman.

    This ideology has no place in God’s love for us, but somehow it gets wrapped into our churches, mosques and our religion. Women as property that may wander off, so let’s terrorize them, shame them, mutilate them, restrict their clothing and movements and call it chastity. I dont even know where all this came from. The Bible, Koran and Torah are full of people having sex and lots and lots of children, in and out of wedlock.

    Anyway, sorry to post on your comments. God’s love for us is so much bigger than any one man’s fear of raising someone else’s child. The idea that God loves Black women unconditionally whether single, married, gay, straight, single parent, chaste or whorish, is a revolutionary ideology. The Black church is not ready.

    Peace and Blessings
    Happy New Year!

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